Here’s A Quick Way To Fix “I Don’t Have Results Yet” In My Network Marketing Business!

You’re about to discover one of the BIGGEST mistakes most entrepreneurs make when it comes to attracting “big time” clients.

More importantly, I’m going to share some specific pitfalls to avoid when it comes to avoiding this deadly mistake.

One of the most common concerns, brought up to me by entrepreneurs that are just getting starting, is their lack of results.

The concern is…

“How am I going to attract customers when I haven’t gotten any results?”

More specifically, how am I going to attract the real big dogs and the heavy hitters.

What’s interesting in the network marketing industry is we look at folks that have these big down lines.

We see the people that walk across the stage.

We see them getting recognized.

We see them hitting those big marks, rank advancing, and so on and so forth.

It’s very easy to think well that’s them, that’s not me, and someday I will be successful when I have results to show.

Success is not defined by when you get results

The result itself is simply a metric.

It’s simply an indication of effective action, effective planning, effective strategy, and then the execution of that planning and the execution of that strategy.

That’s it.

That’s all results are.

The results are not indicative of your life.

They’re not indicative of your quality.

They’re not even indicative of you.

But so often people have this tendency to believe that…

My results are me, or my lack of results are me.

Have you ever had that feeling?

  • “I don’t have the big results yet, and therefore who’s going to follow me?”
  • “I don’t have the big results to share, so who would want to join me?”

Maybe you’ve got people in your organization, people on your team who think that way.

If you’re the person delivering the message, aren’t you going to look like an amazing leader?

Of course you will!

And that’s really the whole point here.

When we talk about results, what are they really?

They are simply indicators.

It’s just like a temperature gauge.

That’s all a temperature gauge is, it says — hey it’s a certain temperature in this particular room.

Now it’s up to us to say it’s hot or it’s cold, but the temperature gauge, simply tells us the facts.

It simply tells us what is.

Some people like the room hot, some people like the room cold, it’s up to that person to decide if it’s comfortable.

Isn’t that interesting because we define what comfort means to us just like we define the term success.

Some people would say…

“Listen, I’m making $5,000 a month in my business, that’s tremendous success.”

Other people would say…

“I’m making $50,000 a month, and that’s tremendous success.”

Some people might be anywhere in between.

What we have to understand is that our definition for success is very personal

And many times it’s very different from the people around us.

I would make the case that is okay and it should be okay.

In fact, that is what makes business so remarkable.

One thing I have to say, on a side note, is the thing I love about entrepreneurship is it’s the ultimate level playing field.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your background is, how much success or failure you’ve had in the past, it just matters what you show up with and what you bring to the table.

It all begins with our beliefs

Our beliefs drive our thoughts because if we’re believing that something’s hard, then we’re thinking it’s going to be hard.

Of course our thoughts drive our words.

I remember having a great conversation with a friend of mine and she said…

“The way you approach thoughts and words is really powerful.”

Eyes are not the window to the soul, words are.

When you are thinking a certain thought, sometimes you hold it within yourself.

But if all of a sudden you speak the words.

If I said, “Hey, how’s business going?”

You say…

“Hey, business is awesome.”

I can tell a lot about what you’re thinking.

Even if right now business isn’t going great for you, if the words that come out of your mouth say business is awesome, that means you’re thinking optimistically.

That means you’re thinking about the possibility of what’s coming next.

That probably means that you have a strong belief system in and around your business and in and around yourself.

Anytime you use words about yourself, use action based words

It’s okay to say…

“I’m working on becoming a better network marketer, I’m working on being the best network marketer possible, I am working each day in my business and taking action.”

When you do that, you start to have reinforced actions based on words that are specifically driven toward and reinforcing action.

Then of course, the actions, back up the results.                                      

When we get the results, we have the belief system.

So what’s one of the big mistakes that I’m talking about here?

What’s one of the biggest pitfalls I see entrepreneurs make?

It’s that they don’t understand that…

You do not have to have the results in order to attract high-level people!

If you want to attract lots of great, high level people in your business, those that have that potential, then what you have to do is be the example.

How you set the example is by setting the tone in your business every single day.

You set the tone…

  • With your beliefs
  • With your thoughts
  • Especially with your words

Show up to this every single day

Give yourself the chance to put this into action and develop it as a positive, or I should say a productive, and progressive habit pattern.

If you create that progress, that’s the thing that’s going to prove it to you, and that’s where that belief cycle starts to take hold and it becomes super powerful.

Make sure you’re getting out there building your business.

It’s about showing up every single day and taking the right actions.

Actions are what’s going to make it happen.

That is in our control right here, right now, today.

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